Become a Flight Instructor or upgrade your skills
We will sponsor your Training
Become a member of the TEAM
Welcome to Fly-in-Spain
Flight Training Academy Jerez-Spain
Welcome to Fly-in-Spain
Become a Flight Instructor or upgrade your skills
We will sponser your Training
Become a member of the TEAM

Be a part of the team

Make your Hobby to your Job
flying and gaining money
Become a Flight Instructor with Fly-in-Spain -
With one of the leading European Flight Schools.

Make your Hobby to your Job
flying and gaining money

Become a Flight Instructor with
With one of the leading European Flight Schools.

Our Training-Program will support all different kind of Pilots
and also People how like to start from zero

we will provide a sponserhip

Starting from zero (no flying licence) to become an Flight Instructor

PPL Pilots - how like to become Flight Instructor

CPL Pilots - how like to add the Instructor Rating to their licence

FI-Pilot holding PPL or CPL - how like to upgrade to become an IR (instrument rated instructor) or a Multi-Engine instructor

Becoming a CPL/ATPL theory instructor

If you are holding a non EASA licence (ICAO) we also have special conversion programs for Pilots and also for Instructors

When you finished your training - your job will be guaranteed

We pay - sponser your training

we will finance your entire training to get your licence and/or Instructor-Rating

When you finished your training and when starting working with us, you “pay as you go” with a part of your income to refund of the cost of the training you received.

But don’t worry!

We have a lot of work, and you will have an income above average, and the remaining monthly money (the refund deducted) will give you a good live in Jerez!

Being a Flight Instructor

what possibility will give you this?

First - it is a very interesting Job, working in the aviation world, being a part of an international team and developing your skills

It will give you a qualification for an international Job, basically you can work in all places of the world
a resonable demand of flight instructor you can find all around Europe and the rest of the world
and it can open the doors to become a Commercial- or Airline Pilot!

what does the different levels of Flight Instructors mean?
first, it is the type of the training you can offer to the students
second, it will influence the level of requirement of training
and it will get you towards a Commercial Pilot or an Airline Pilot (holding the hightes level of Instructor - the FI-ME-IR)

What will a Flight Instructor earn?

This depends first of the Level of Instruction you are holding

We are taking about the following levels
- Theory - Instructor for PPL, CPL or ATPL
- PPL instructor
- IR instructor  (instrument rated instructor)
- ME Instructor (with the qualificaton to instruct Mulit-Engine-Aircrafts)
- ME-IR Instructor - how have both qualifications

The monthly income (net - EURO) will be about** :

Theory-FI  -  1500-2500
PPL - FI -     1500-2500
IR - FI -         2000-3000
ME- FI -       1800-2700
ME-IR-I-       3000-4500

* this is based on our experience, also based what FI will get, when training with us..!
**depending how much training hours you will provide to the school*

Spain - the perfect destination to Fly and Work

350 days a year flying conditions and SUN
Jerez, the Atlantic cost of Spain, one of the most beautiful places in Europe
Only few tourists, still real Spain with his active culture and live
Closed to the sea - long sandy beaches - just something to enjoy in your off time

become a Flight Instructor or update your skills
we will sponser your Training
become a member of the TEAM
Flight Training Academy Jerez-Spain
Welcome to Fly-in-Spain

Living conditions - relaxed and save

Moderate living cost - for example a nice apartment in Jerez with 2 bedrooms will be about 400 Euro
and a café and a beer in the bar will be between 1-1.5 Euro

A place to enjoy living!

Working environment

Our Scholl offices are near to Jerez, on the international Airport of Jerez
Bus an train connection from Jerez to the Airport available, if you get you own car, you will enjoy it even more.

International colleges and international Students from all over the world.
Spoken language at work: only English

If you also speak Spanish or a bit, you will enjoy your live even more, the Spanish are very friendly and open minded!

Flexible working hours, on arrangement with the operation office.

Training Cost
and Financing

just send us the following details... than we can calculate you new career!

Minimum requirements:

- Education Level: pre-entry-unsiversity or higher*
- English Level: B1 - or higher*
- min. Age: 21

*we will need to see the certificates later on!

Prefered we are looking for persons holding a Pilot-Lisence, ICAO or EASA

We will treat your personal details with confidence and they will be only used to preapre an offer for you.

Please enter a valid e-mail adress and your details

When receiving you details, we will send you all necessary information:

for your Flight Instructor Training - or your Upgrade-Training
- required time
- costs and sponsorship
- conditions

and next date for pre-entry test

if you have any QUESTION just send us an
E-MAIL-Question and we will come back to you.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our TEAM